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General Dispensary Tech

Our General Dispensary Tech will allow you to become a dispensary tech in any Marijuana Dispensary in the United States

This explosive industry is waiting for people like to you gain resession proof employment

The General Dispensary Tech course offers great generalized training that will educate you on marijuana laws and what to expect when working in a marijuana dispensary

Your training allows you to take the course today and begin applying for jobs in the mariuana industy tommorrow.

Live Marijuana Webinar

The incredible Live Mariuana Webinar will offer instant interaction with the Nation's leading marijuana trainer

The informative live marijuana training websinar will go over the history of marijuana, identify strains, and inform you of compliance.

The Live Mariuana Webinar will aslo go over proven interview techniques that will help you land your rescession proof job in the marijuana field.

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California Dispensary Tech

Break into the largest marijuana market on earth with your California Dispensary Tech training.

In November 2016, California voters passed Proposition 64 legalizing the cultivation, sale, and use of marijuana for persons 21 or oler. The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 legalized medicial marijuana specifically for medicinal use with the advise of a physician.

In 2019 legal marijuana sales are expected to hit 4.6 billion dollars. By 2025 sales are expected to surpass 6.6 billion dollars.

There is plenty of opportunity for you to get a job in the world's largest marijuana economy, the Golden State, California. Our California Dispensary Tech training will help launch your new career.

Illinois Dispensary Tech

On January 1, 2020 adult use marijuana will become legal in the Land of Lincoln. Medicinal marijuana has been legal in this state since 2015. Illinois will be one of the largest marijuana economies in the United State

The fifth largest state in the US with nearly 13 million people, is going to see an explosion of jobs in the marijuana industry

Sales of marijuana in Illinois is expected to reach 320 million dollars in 2020 and increase to 1.3 billion in 2023

Illinois companies are already posting hundreds of jobs. Your Illinois Dispensary Tech training will prepare you for a job in the Illiois marijuana industry with contend geared for Illnois marijuana compliance..

Michigan Dispensary Tech

On November 6, 2018, Michigan voters approved Proposal 1 allowing adult use of marijuana in the Wolverine State.

According to the new law Michigan must have adult use marijuana dispensarys open by March of 2020. This means opportunity for you if you live in or near Michigan and would like to enter the Marijuana field..

The 10 largest state in the US will offer ample opportunities in marijuana industry with jobs being created in the new adult use dispensarys, along the the medicial dispensary that may be expanding to adult use.

Your Michigan Dispensary Tech training will prepare you to become knowlegable budtender at any dispensary in Michigan. Knowing Michigan's marijuana laws will give you the edge.

New York Dispensary Tech

New York is one of the nation's largest medicinal marijuana markets and is expected to legalize adult use marijuana in 2020.

Your New York Dispensary Tech course will allow you to get your foot in the explosive adult use marijuana job market that is coming soon.

If you are preparing for a job in the New York medicinal marijuana industry, our New York Dispensary Tech training will assist you as well.

The fourth largest state in the country will continue to have an explosion of jobs as they prepare for adult use sales.

Missouri Dispensary Tech

In 2018 Missouri's Constitution was amended to allow the sale of medicinal marijuana in the Show Me State

Missouri is expected to create over 7500 new marijuana jobs in 2020.

Missouri is expected to have one of the largest medicinal marijuana markets in the Nation and opportunities will be limitless.

Your Missouri Dispensary Tech training course will let you get a headstart finding one of the thousands of jobs that will be created in Missouri during 2020.

Dispensary Security

Every retail and wholesale marijuana company needs security. This is a cash based business and you will help protect your employer's assets.

Your dispensary security course will help you get a job as a security officer in the marijuana field.

Compliance Officer

Our Compliance Officer training course will help you help your employer stay on top of the every changing marijuana laws.

Marijuana companies that are not compliant will face large fines, closure, and possible fines.

The marijuana company you work for will depend on you to ensure they are maintaining 100 percent compliance.

More Marijuana Training Soon

Please check back as we are developing many more marijuana training courses and will be releasing new training modules on a montly basis

Let us know if there is a specific training course you would like us to develop. We would love to hear from you