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Why Are We the Best in America?

We take pride in our current marijuana training courses. You will be prepared to enter this recession proof industry

Dispensary Tech

«Our training helps land your dream job.»


«Help your employer comply with laws.»


«Help dispensarys market goods and services.»


«Most dispensarys use cash. Cash in on security.»

Who is marijuana factory?

History of MTI

We are the Marijuana Training Institute - Family Owned & Operated Tier III Producer & Processor located Colorado.

From seed to sale, we take pride in our marijuna training to ensure a smooth trainnig experience with attention to detail and quality. We have established ourselves as the Nation's leading trainier of persons entering the mariuana field. Your marijuan training ensures you are ready for your new career. services supply chain.

Dee Johnson
Founder of Marijuana Training Institute

We take pride in designing courses that will not only teach you compliance, but you will learn outstanding interview techniques to land your recession proof job

Our marijuana training is the best training in the marijuana industry. We teach you about strands, marketing, customer service, and most importantly, compliance. Our generalized training will help you land a job at any marijuana business in the United State. Our state specific dispensary tech training will prepare you with additional information that is geared toward the state you would like to work in. Below are the courses we are currently offering:

  • General Dispensary Tech
  • Compliance Manager
  • Security
  • California Dispensary Tech
  • Illinois Dispensary Tech
  • Ohio Dispensary Tech
  • Michigan Dispensary Tech
  • Georgia Dispensary Tech
  • Colorado Dispensary Tech
  • Missouri Dispensary Tech
  • Oklahoma Dispensary Tech
  • Arkansas Dispensary Tech

The marijuana industry created 64,389 jobs in 2018. Marijuana careers are the fastest growing labor market


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